Natural Probiotics

Natural Probiotics

Probiotics for the gut are not a new concept. You can conveniently order supplements online or buy them the next time you’re at a shop. Homemade natural probiotics made from organic food, however, are also a great way to get your daily dose and provide your body with a well-rounded approach.

Fermentation has been around for thousands of years, and there’s evidence that the first batches were made as far back as 7000 BC. There are good reasons why this practice has remained timeless and still continues to thrive.

The diversity of living microbes present on various organic foods is what the body needs to repair, rebuild, and maintain a balance with all the other types of pathogenic bacteria that also play a role in the body’s ecosystem. When the probiotic gut flora is not in charge, things can start to become imbalanced, and the signals the brain receives from the gut can become confused.

Using good organic food that’s either homegrown or from a reputable organic farm is a great place to begin. The humble cabbage will give you some beautiful sauerkraut, freshly made in practically no prep time at all. Take a good-sized glass Kilner jar and put all the thinly shredded, sea-salted cabbage into it. Then place one of the saved cabbage leaves on top in the jar and push it down as far as you can. Fill it with filtered water so the top cabbage leaf is covered, and leave it on the kitchen worktop for about a week. You’ll notice bubbles in the water as these living probiotics start to enjoy their new environment.

When it’s ready, you’ll have a natural probiotic juice to enjoy. You can also replenish the water and salt each time you have a drink until the cabbage needs a refresh. And if your digestion can handle eating the fermented cabbage leaves, there will be no waste, and your jar can simply be cleaned for the next batch.

Rebuilding colonies of friendly bacteria in the body can take years for some, but using food ferments will ensure the body can benefit from a variety of diverse cultures available from organic food.