Soul Choices

Soul Choices

Everyone has a choice. It’s a fact of life and one of the most amazing things that makes us all so different. We each have our own personality, strengths, and weaknesses that will influence some of those decisions. We are who we are today partly because of them, like when we’ve chosen something that can benefit us or something that hasn’t. All of us will have learnt from those life experiences and might have chosen differently next time. Maybe there was some understanding, knowledge or wisdom that was gained or maybe not which is also a choice. One thing that never seems to change is the ripple effects that come afterwards to make every day count.

I remember in my son’s early years how hard it was to not go along with the status quo. In a nutshell that meant accepting his body was falling apart because autism is a neurological disability, it’s for life, and there’s nothing I could do. I’ve learnt to listen to my intuition though and knew in my knower there was another way. I was seeing first-hand the symptoms my son was struggling with and it made sense that it was linked to his gut. Starting to change food to be homemade with better ingredients was an intuitive choice and the fruit of reduced symptoms was tangible.

Finding the right thing to do for my son had actually become the easier path than carrying on as if nothing could be done – and that was a hike up a very steep mountain into the unknown. The problem was the lack of understanding and the need to know what the better choice’s were for me as a parent to make as my son struggled on. And the sooner, the better! The effects on the body only get worse the longer a good choice isn’t made, like constipation for example. Fact. What do you do when the doctor’s prescription has no effect and no other solutions?

Every choice the soul makes, effects the body. The body still functions the same as anyone else’s whether a person has been diagnosed with autism or not. Choice’s also work in exactly the same way too. So I realised that to understand the solutions, I would first have to research what could be causing the symptoms. I’m pleased to say that after many years of research and some successes, I’ve found Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride and the GAPS Nutritional Protocol. Finally, there is a way to make better choice’s for my son with a broadened understanding of what autism is and how food can help to repair his body.

I would highly recommend reading the Gut And Psychology Syndrome and Gut And Physiology Syndrome by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride to support making informed choices and ones that can help shape a better future today.