Undigested Fibre

Undigested Fibre

What do you do as a parent if you eventually manage to get fresh fruit and vegetables into your child, only to find their digestive system is having a hard time breaking down fibre?

Tricky dilemma!  I too found myself in this situation with my son.

The continuous struggle of trying to get some sort of 5-a-day into his diet was a huge burden I felt in his early years.  I thought that if I could solve that problem, then many of the symptoms he was suffering from would get better.

However, I now know that fibre, for a person who is already struggling to digest food, can lead to further damage in the gut.  The question then is, what do you do?  The digestive system is no longer able to absorb the nutrients the body needs from food and can often lead to further complications.  But doing nothing to help the body recover will only mean it gets worse.

I remember feeling like I was looking into a bottomless pit that would just keep spiralling downwards unless I intentionally looked for understanding.  I’ve searched for years to find answers and finally found that many of the pieces I’d researched began to fit together as a whole with the GAPS Nutritional Protocol.  Thanks to Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, there is a methodology for using good food and traditional cooking to begin the process of healing and sealing the gut, and giving the digestive tract rest and time to recover.

I would recommend you read the Gut And Psychology Syndrome and Gut And Physiology Syndrome books by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride.  These are well worth the investment and will give you a clearer picture of what the problems are and what you can do to help.